Monday, 6 August 2012

Could writing become an Olympic Sport?

I'm writing this with one eye on the telecast of the Olympic Games. I see the nerves, agitation and stress in the mannerisms of those competing. Why not? If it was me lined up to compete with the worlds fastest who made Olympic selection I too would be sweating it. After many years of training, and finely tuned to perfection, the day arrives and the athletes compete in their chosen field. For the most elite, it is success, and dreams achieved. For many, their dreams are shattered in minutes.
For writers, life is somewhat the same. A lengthy period of months or years slogging away writing what they hope will be the book that sees great success can end with a simple letter. The rejection letter! Not what one wants to find in a letterbox or an email. Like the athlete who returns home determined to train harder, and become the best they can, so too must the writer revisit the rejected work and make it their best work. The world is competitive and we all strive for success, however,  learning to accept failure along the way is also a vital part of life. 

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  1. Good analogy, Tracey. A timely reminder to keep striving for our best :)