Saturday, 10 November 2012

Busy times with a new writing project

My work in progress. I needed to really spread out so took over the dining room table.
 Since August I have been very busy working on commissioned work for Walker Books. (I shall tell all when I can) So it has been head down and work, work, work.  This has kept me locked away in my study, and libraries  researching, writing and editing for months.   I have  completed the project before my deadline date (first stage at least) and will be back to editing for publication very soon. It has been a wonderful project to work on and so very interesting. It will be exciting to announce what it is when I am able to.

A few weeks ago, on the spur of the moment, I flew down to Melbourne to meet with my Publisher and was fortunate enough to meet up with lots of writing friends while I was there for the 2 days. (note*** they are all very brilliant Australian Authors) It was great to meet and have dinner and catch up on news.

Dinner  the first night with sensational children's authors and Publisher  (L-R)  Karen Tayleur, Claire Saxby, Sue Lawson, Maryann Ballantyne (Walker Books), Corinne King, Carole Wilkinson, Bernadette Kelly & me

My second night out- Meredith Costain, Boori Bryor, Frane Lessac, Mark Greenwood and me ( reflected in the mirror Paul Collins- Ford Street Publishing)

This past week has been devoted to other things. I started  on making over my study. It seemed like a great idea until I got in such a mess I wished I'd never begun anything. I sorted piles of papers, boxes, tidied manuscripts and also off-loaded and donated hundreds of books during the moving stage. Below is the chaos of throwing all the books you own on the floor. Not recommended for the faint-hearted.

The piles of books I removed from my shelves. Can't believe I owned so many.

 After two days of hard work it was - out with the old desk and shelving and in with the beautiful new desk and new shelving.

I still have some sorting to do, pictures to hang and rearranging of how I want things- but I'm loving my new work environment.

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  1. The new study looks awesome, Tracey. LOVE the Author sign :)
    Would you like to come and tidy my office? The desk is dark brown, if my memory serves me correctly...