Thursday, 1 March 2012

A day in the Trenches

1st day of March and Canberra has already had its March average of rain in less than 24 hours. Flood warnings were the order of the day and many streets closed due to flooding.  According to the ABC weatherman, Canberra can survive another drought without issue, as water supplies are so high, they will see us through another 30-50 years.  
Wow, that is great news, however,  it didn't make the roads suitable for driving. With my wind screen wipers battling to clear the window, the demister running at full blast, I played dodgems with swollen gutters to get to the  Australian War Memorial.

Why head out in such conditions you ask? 
 I had to get to a book launch ! 

 A Day to Remember, by Jackie French

Sadly the flooding and severe weather conditions kept many of the expected number of guests from making it. 
However, those of us, brave (or mad) enough to battle the elements, were rewarded with trays of champagne, and platters of delicious nibbles to enjoy as we dried off before the launch. 

Jackie spoke with a passion and emotion as she vividly described 
 her years of research, the diaries, journals,
 and letters she had read that touched her 
heart and soul.

 Illustrator  Mark Wilson, also told of his love for the work. 
His family's military background and respect for those 
who have fought in war is obviously reflected in
 his stunning artworks.
Mark Wilson, Illustrator
Me with the very talented, Mark Wilson and A Day to Remember


No I didn't bake these, Jackie did. She used her Grandmother's ANZAC biscuit recipe from 1916

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