Thursday, 5 April 2012

Happy Easter everyone

Good Friday

Lots of chocolate to see me through the weekend, some fine red wine set aside for dinners, no commitments, sunshine, and being surrounded by my family makes it perfect in every way.  

The weather in Canberra is simply gorgeous, and I'm all set to enjoy it before winter sneaks up and bites.
I snapped off a few pictures to showcase the beautiful autumn colours of the trees in my garden.

The many colours of trees in my backyard.

Most noticeable in Autumn is the warm glow of light and the stunning sunsets.

Some of my favourite things I'll be doing this Easter


I am currently reading the series- Hunger games and absolutely loving the books.

Watching movies. 

Every year I select a really old movie classic for my children to watch. Over the years we have watched -The Birds, Psycho, The girls of St Trinians, A Man called Horse, and Breakfast at Tiffany's.... to name a few.

This is my movie classic for Easter 2012

and heading to the Footy
The Canberra Raiders are playing the NZ Warriors on Sunday at Canberra Stadium. Hard to pick a favourite as both would be my selection in any given round.

I'm backing the Green Machine

Round 6 : Raiders v Warriors
Have a safe and happy Easter

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