Monday, 18 June 2012

Storybook Challenge, New England Region, NSW

 On Friday 15th June I had the opportunity to promote the Carpet Court Storybook Challenge to regional schools in the New England Region. 

My first author event was to visit with students at St Edwards Primary School in Tamworth and then to The Armidale School, Armidale late afternoon.

"A big hello to all the lovely kids and teachers I met."

I was warmly welcomed at both schools, and the kids, what can I say? Wow, they were so very excited!
It was very thrilling for me too as the kids had never met an author before.  

To read my books and explain to them the story behind the writing process was akin to sprinkling magic upon every little head.

I arrived to a sea of smiling faces, little waves and everybody wriggling that little bit closer to be near me. I was touched. While it was another author visit for me- for them,  I was the mysterious person who wrote the book. No longer was I simply a name on the book cover.

As I read,  the books danced into life, with every word becoming a real storybook moment.  

The room filled with laughter and giggles as I snored my way through Max Meets a Monster. 

I had lots of questions to answer about writing of Nancy Bentley The First Australian Female Sailor . 
Most certainly kids are interested in history, and a snake bite had their attention!

Most surprising was the arrival of a Prime News Crew in Tamworth. They stayed for the entire session and  the event aired on the news that same evening. Click on the link to watch the segment.

I can't be sure who had the most fun? I certainly enjoyed myself as much, if not more than the kids. It was a perfect day in every way.

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